Scientific Computing From Scratch

A summer bootcamp on scientific computing for beginners with Python and Pytorch organized by Pratyush Tiwary, University of Maryland.

Yuanqing Wang (, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Anil Zenginoglu (, University of Maryland
Onur Kara (, Ronin Institute
Pritha Verma (, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Zachary Smith (, University of Maryland
Rishi Bedi(, Y-Trap


Module Scope Notes Time
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Introduction to python Basic syntax

What is a function

Useful packages

Data handling


Colab Jun 21, 2022 4-6PM EST  
Your first machine learning model from scratch Introduction to functions and objects.

Implement your vector and matrix from scratch.

Implement your linear regression algorithm from scratch.
Colab Jun 22, 2022 4-6PM EST 🎬
Numpy & Pandas   Colab Jul 5, 2022 4-6PM EST  
Matplotlib & SciKit-Learn   Colab Jul 6, 2022 4-6PM EST  
Introduction to machine learning with PyTorch Basic syntax

Linear regression

(Stochastic) gradient descent

Train a bad and a good model on MNIST
Colab Aug 9, 2022 4-6PM EST 🎬
Tensorboard and Convolution   Colab Aug 10, 2022 4-6PM EST  
Generative Models: Alphafold and Autoencoders   Colab Aug 23, 2022 4-6PM EST  
Debugging   Colab Aug 24, 2022 4-6PM EST  

Useful resources

Mathematical Foundations

Python and Data Science

PyTorch and Machine Learning

Open Education Statement

All notes of this class will be published in on this website under Creative Commons CC0 License. Should you wish to improve the course materials, please follow instructions here to submit issues or pull requests to this GitHub repo. This is a ZERO Textbook Cost course. Links to all materials will be accesible on this GitHub repo and website.